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In the 90s and early 00s, everything was about the business world. Wall Street was going gangbusters, this new fangled thing called the internet was taking off, and dream jobs were those in which you sat in an office with a computer and made millions. Those jobs were not terribly difficult to come by. My aim with this article is to convince you that blue collar jobs are in fact what some young men ought to aspire to, just like they aspire to be a lawyer or banker. This makes for a huge opportunity cost for those going to 4-year colleges. Trade school offers a nice on-ramp to independence. This worry over compensation definitely looms looms large in holding teenagers back from considering trades work.

Reviving Blue Collar Work: 5 Benefits of Working in the Skilled Trades

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Well what is right for each person is different. A highly educated man with a great job, would not want a wife who is intellectually and socially different then him.

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Dating Dilemma- White Collar Woman and Blue Collar Man

We’ve been married for six years, been together 10, have two kids, 1 cat, an expensive mortgage, two careers, and have to schedule time to have sex–that is– when we have time to schedule time to have sex. The romance is gone, has been gone since about the 4th month of our first pregnancy, 4 years ago and things are hanging by a thread, made mostly of spit-up and wipes. Not only is the romance gone, but so is our money. And, even though one of us is a partner in a law firm and the other owns a marketing agency, money is as tight as it possibly could be.

So, what is this blog about?

Abusive behavior on blue-collar work sites has been a known problem in the United States dating back to

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Podcast #308: The Case for Blue Collar Work With Mike Rowe

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Blue-collar women find hope in #MeToo movement

You know, handsome, God-fearing, college-educated, successful career, and earning twice as much as I do. First, he’d been listening to my lecturing about repairing his credit and did it. Her columns appear monthly.

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Is a nurse a blue collar worker? So it requires a degree but its the female equivalent to blue collar jobs. Examples are teachers and nurses. Can some immigrants chime in on this? In my country teachers are not blue collar workers whatsoever. Considered very skilled, and educated intellectuals. Is this just my country or are teachers blue collar in US only? Teachers are not blue collar in the US Has anyone else married a blue collar worker?

Anonymous My husband works for a local public works department, and I love him very much. I’ve been married for a little under a year to someone who makes half my salary. DH is a nice, sweet and genuine guy who I truly adore. We are both in our late 30’s and jumped into marriage after only dating for about two years.

Dating For Blue Collar

From the topmost floors of buildings under construction to the narrow crawlspaces under houses and in attics, electrical work places considerable demands on both body and mind. There are several electricians out of work in Local 98, as well as a few apprentices. This crappy economy is hurting everyone, it seems. Anyone who’s worked in the blue-collar trades, or know someone who does, care to add their comments? I was never one to fit into the “union” part of it though, too independent I guess.

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But ten minutes into our phone conversation, when he said he’d just gotten off his all-night welding shift, I realized he wasn’t kidding. He really was a welder. Thankfully, I had the good sense to stifle a chuckle. He wanted to meet for breakfast the next morning, when he finished work. I was certainly picky about guys’ professions. I found accountants boring, lawyers argumentative and businessmen — especially high-powered finance types — seemed to have different values than I did.

They were into money; I was into the arts. I’d always hoped to be with someone in the creative field, whether it was another writer or an artist or even a professor. But maybe a welder would qualify. I’d never been out with anyone who worked with his hands: So I met him for brunch the next day.

Blue Collar Brewery

I read with amusement the letter from ”On the Fence in Waukegan, Ill. Intelligence has nothing to do with the level of schooling; decency and caring have nothing to do with the kind of a work a man does; and loyalty has nothing to do with the size of a paycheck. Perhaps the old saying, ”Opposites attract,” is true. My husband has brought more joy into my life than I ever had when I was previously married to another educator.

Abusive behavior on blue-collar work sites has been a known problem in the United States dating back to That was the year President Lyndon B. Johnson signed an executive order requiring non-discrimination policies among government contractors, including .

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Podcast #308: The Case for Blue Collar Work With Mike Rowe

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