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Photos by Josh Hutchins. When I decided to move my winters to Australia, part of me knew that I was sacrificing my love for one of the most special fisheries in the world. It seemed unfathomable to miss a week of the season, let alone all of it. I found comfort knowing that I still had summer steelhead available to me for the other six months of the year, but for so long I had defined myself by the persistence and patience it took to pursue their cold-weather counterparts, that fishing for summer-fish almost seemed like cheating; no suffering in snow-drenched gloves, no sink-tip loop-to-looping, no purple lips waiting to be thawed by a steaming dark roast. But I knew it was either sacrifice or divorce, so winter steelhead took a backseat to my vows, with the compromise that I would visit them every second Christmas. The first three years of the trade-off ran smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions A water meter accurately measures the amount of water that is supplied to a property. Water meters are located in the basement of most homes. For homes without a basement, the water meter can be found in the crawl space or main floor. The meter is adjacent to the main shut-off valve of your home. Starting April 10, , homeowners in the city of Mississauga,with an old water meter may be contacted with a letter to set up a mandatory replacement appointment.

I grew up in Surrey, a city where nothing surprised me. “Drugs, sex, and alcohol” were the cliche catch-words used by teachers who knew nothing of what happened in our world after midnight — words used to deter their students from strolling down the wrong path.

Share Tweet It has been a while since my last post due to the major transition of moving back to Canada. This post will be a bit shorter than my previous ones but hopefully it will give some insight on practically investigating and analyzing open data that are becoming more popular these days. All the code for this post is found at my Github. Drinking Water Water is a basic physiological need for humans. Drinking water or potable water is something in the developed world we take for granted.

In Ontario province of Canada we are fortunate to have good water quality in most cities, towns, municipalities. Watermains Breaks Within these drinking water systems, the large pipes that carry most of the water through the system from the treatment plant through the distribution system are called watermains or water mains.

In the event of a watermain failing, either by a crack, some leaking or a catastrophic break, this can have potential effects on the flow of water to users. There can be loss of pressure in the distribution system, potentially allowing contaminants chemical or microbiological to enter the drinking water system due to the loss of pressure. No one wants to have E. There are many factors behind a watermain failure.

Most of the time there multiple concurrent factors that cause the pipe to crack or break. A non-exhaustive list of factors include type of pipe material, age of pipe, surrounding soil conditions, corrosion, pressure fluctuations, direct damage, extreme temperatures, extreme weather events, and poor system design.

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It can be more cost-effective. In many cases, the torpedo method is the more financially prudent way to do a water service replacement. If you are concerned that your water line pipes may be lead, you should act quickly on it to reduce the chance of ill effects.

On November 3, the City of Toronto published its draft Water and Wastewater Budget for The draft was reviewed by the City’s Budget Committee and will be reviewed and consulted on over the next month, where a final draft will be presented to Toronto City Council for Approval.

Composite construction with a fiberglass hull and stunning mahogany decks. This 19 foot Gentleman’s Racer went through a full factory-refinish in and has only 20 hours of use since. The Mercruiser Magnum engine was also fully rebuilt 10 years ago low hours. Only 3 of these boats were built with the 4-seat configuration with the extended side window. Very well maintained and needs nothing – ready to enjoy! Boat hit something and from the shaft back put a hole in the bottom, Needs bottom fixed, new motor mounts, shaft, rudder, and strut.

Otherwise the boat is in excellent condition.

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The experience with their customer support was nightmarish. Please be warned that this company seems to outsource most of the heavy lifting for their customer support. They rely on Shaw technicians to fulfill work orders, which is a potential point of failure for communication, as I have found out.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, the fourth largest in North America with a population of about million people and was recently recognized as the most diverse city in the world. It is a global centre for business, finance, arts and culture and is consistently ranked one of the world’s most livable cities.

The City of Toronto continues to fluoridate its drinking water despite objections over its negative effects. People have the right to fluoride free drinking water, they should not be forced to consume a deadly toxin. However, the fluoride that Toronto adds to the water is a highly toxic compound called Hydrofluosilicic acid which is a byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

This also differs from the fluoride that is used in toothpaste as it is pharmaceutical grade. But Fluoride Helps Your Teeth Most of the world does not fluoridate its water despite what proponents of water fluoridation would have you believe. The City of Toronto makes no mention of this on their website, opting for the logical fallacy of appeal to authority by listing several agencies and government organizations that endorse putting fluoride in Toronto tap water. When you are on the go, a fluoride filter water bottle is definitely an asset.

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James J Barquet http: Hansen, of Vancouver, Washington. The Police Bureau regrets this error. Horner, of Portland, Oregon. The victim located during a homicide investigation that began Tuesday, November 20, , on the Burnside Bridge has been identified as year-old Brian E.

Goldfish and Toronto Water: Chlorine and Chloramines. dontai /01/28 /01/28 2 Comments on Goldfish and Toronto Water: Chlorine and Chloramines. Seachem’s Prime water conditioner will make City of Toronto water safe for your fish. It will remove chlorine, cloramine and ammonia.

Edit Answer for another minute You have to put your self in the shoes of a business that is in business to turn a profit of some sort. All businesses have different overhead which in turn decides what their bottom line would be on their services. I personally would not go with an unlicensed professional for this type of install. I do agree that there are some companies that are way out of line for their installs but most of these companies are the really big companies that have very high overheads I would assume.

Tank type water heaters have changed over the last several years and with these safety changes come bigger prices. The price of steel thanks to China is skyrocketing and tank type water heaters are made of steel. Most wholesale plumbing supply companies cannot match what the big box stores are selling at retail to consumers.

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Best Offer – This Champion Outboard Motor has good compression but the owner has not tried to start it. It is missing a spark plug cap. The Model A was designed to be a “all-weather” cruiser at the price point of a standard runabout. This example has been wonderfully restored over the years with much new hull planking, new stem, transom, several frames, and a refastened bottom with stainless fasteners.

Repowered with a Chrysler Crown engine.

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Here we describe various types of controls: If you cannot find information you need contact us by email. Here are illustrations of a similar water conditioner control from a Culligan System 19 or System 23 Installation Manual. The salt dose scale on a typical water softener indicates the number of pounds of salt to be used in each water softener recharge cycle.

Shown in our illustration at above left, the pointer knob is set to between 14 and 15 pounds of salt on an Autotrol salt dose control a high setting by the way. Then re-tighten the screw. Do not change the salt dose that is already set on your water softener by your installer unless a new water test report indicates that a different level of salt treatment is needed. How the water softener salt dose really works When you set the brine control or salt dose on a water conditioner, you are actually setting the volume of salty water that will be pumped through the resin tank during a regeneration cycle.

How much water does Toronto use each day?

Its downtown core has been loving refurbished, its historical buildings brought to a fresh sheen, making it both a spectacle and a place to shop, dine, and attend cultural events. Residents and out-of-towners love the performances by the symphony orchestra, by its opera guild, and by its actors in the Old Town Playhouse.

Traverse Center Downtown Development Authority:

City council has approved a 9 per cent water rate increase for and tentative hikes of 8 per cent a year in , and

Ontario Hydro electricity rates Ontario Hydro privatization, deregulation of electricity in Ontario, hydro electricity rates, and electricity contracts. What does it all mean? If you pay your own hydro bill directly that is, it is not included in the rent, you may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bills. Effective May 1, , the Ontario Energy Board has raised the price of electricity in Ontario for residential consumers to Off-peak rates rise to 8.

In , the rate for electricity was a 4. The peak hour electricity rates have increased by During those 12 years, based upon the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator , the cost of goods in general, ie.

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Write a Review AL: Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid CPR C This course is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including the introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross teaches the difference between lifesaving and lifeguarding, the principles of emergency procedures, teamwork and use of special equipment. Candidates must be able to swim m in 18 minutes. No refunds are given for classes or programs that you miss.

According to data released by the City of Toronto, despite being the 26 th most populated ward of Toronto’s 44 wards, Etobicoke North-2 had the highest water consumption and most water consumed per person than any other ward in the city.

These results show that groundwater is typically “harder” than surface water. This is typical of the majority of groundwater supply in all southern Ontario. Surface water typically has a greater component of direct runoff from precipitation and therefore has less opportunity to dissolve high concentrations of minerals. Note that the water obtained from Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario is also considered to be “hard” in terms of the relative scale provided above.

The degree of hardness that a person can tolerate is a matter of personal preference. The hardness of water is not known to have any specific health-related effects. Many people choose to install a water softener in their home to reduce the formation of scale in their water system and make washing easier. Water softeners work by exchanging the calcium and magnesium minerals with sodium or potassium supplied in salts. In locations where softeners are installed it is recommended to maintain a separate unsoftened water supply for drinking.

Because it had been used and re-used by life on Earth, and because it is such a powerful solvent, it is easily polluted. As a result, in our country, the quality of the water is usually a greater concern than the quantity available.


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