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My Jeeps I recently installed 2 kicker comp 10″ in my 98 jeep cherokee. I purchased an 8 guage wiring kit along with my subs. It came with power wire,ground,speaker wire,fuse, and remote wire. You connect the power wire to the positive of the battery and then make sure your fuse is within 18inches of the battery. Then i ran the power wire through the firewall and down the driver side floor panel to the rear of my car. If you have a upgraded head-unit with rca pre-amp outputs you just connect your RCA’s and follow the same path as your wiring. Theres a blue wire in your wiring harness behind the head-unit.

What is the best way to hook up a car audio amplifier?

An amp or PA to make the signal louder than life. There are many, many ways to get from point A to point B. That main difference between a combo amplifier and a public address system is size — physical and volume, inputs, capabilities, etc… You have to realistically assess your needs to make a smart choice on what to use.

The how do you hook up an amplifier part is determining the best way to connect your devices in order to get the highest quality. If your devices offer compatible digital inputs and outputs, choose these to connect your television to your amplifier.

Personally, I am very pleased with it but I may not be the best judge because my speakers are old and, to be honest, not of the highest quality, so I needed an amp with tone controls, a loudness option and an output of at least 80 watts per channel. The original AS was an award winner and this new version is identical except for the inclusion of digital inputs. It has plenty of power. Be aware that some listeners find this amp on the bright side.

I certainly found it so when I first switched it on but after a few weeks it settled down and now sounds very sweet. You may not believe in amplifier burn-in but I definitely experienced it. If your speakers are good and not too edgy, it should sound fine. Here is a link to a review – probably not an independent one – but you will find plenty reviews of the older AS Does everything I need an amp to do and it appears to be well engineered with usable tone controls, nice remote and full use of the volume knob.

I don’t know about long term reliability I guess we shall see. You can buy things that are well designed, perform well, all for a reasonable price. Yamaha appears to have hit it out of the park with their new line up of amps.

Installing subwoofer

He is right that the main point of putting in the main power fuse is so that if there is a short the wire will not catch on fire due to excessive current. But the total current draw of your amp is 80 amps, If it draws enough to fry the main power fuse its close to frying your amp fuses as well. The way i see it, If there is a short its just that much sooner the fuse will blow.

You can put a A in there but I would stick with an 80 unless you have problems then move up to 90 or A Click to expand

Hey Terry, Good write-up, thanks. I wonder though about the PA Mixer in between the DJ setup and the Amp/Speaker combo. I have worked that way quite a few times in .

Am I correct in thinking that both wiring scenarios produce a 2ohm load with a BTL amp which is a bit counter-intuitive Most threads that turn up when searching for “console subwoofer” and the like usually present differing information, and it’s easy to see why: We should try and set the record straight here. As an aside, do you know if this amp have any crossovers? I guess it just takes those four channels as input and mixes them into a mono signal that is output to the subwoofer.

THe BTL allows a signal that is inverted to run two coils more effiecently. Its “seeing” two loads. If you really are interested look at the spec sheet and trace out the IC.

Can i hook two subs up to a one channel amp?

You need to run another power wire or you can get a distribution block and split up the wire you already have ran for power. The ground wire you can just connect to a good grounded bolt holding the seats down or something. And as for the RCAs just get a spliter for those too. And on the Kicker subs, The deal with them is that they say that both voice coils MUST be hooked up at all times of it will mess them up A friend of mune had that problem.

With the dual 2ohm Kicker’s you can either wire them in 1ohm or 4ohm. You want to wire that accordingly to what you amp can handle.

Proper ways to hook up Dual Voice Coil, Daisy Chain, & Multiple Speakers. Please read very carefully the amplifer specs Typically, a 2ohm capable AMP can .

How do you remove the factory Radio for a Nissan Altima? No matter if its a stick or an automatic. First remove the center console around the shifter. Then unscrew the 2 screws holding the bottom of the trim. Look under the trim and there is 2 more screws. Also take the knee trim off.

How to Hook Up a Subwoofer System to a Car’s Stock Stereo

July 28, 2: The power rating for speakers is the maximum power they can handle before damage to them is likely to occur. The power rating for amplifiers is the maximum power that it can deliver. It is important because each is calculated differently, the following are conversion formulas: Another thing to keep in mind is whether the power rating is specified as “MAX” or “Continuous”.

 · So I have two subs and an amp hooked up in my car, but im gonna sell it because i need a truck. Is there any way i can hook up the amp and subs to my

My Jeeps Sound System Upgrades. Speakers, Amps, and what you need to know. A lot of people on JF ask about upgrading the sound system in their Wranglers for obvious reasons. At least those of us with soft tops. Without hooking up your speakers to an amp, you wont get good sound quality, nor be able to hear your music. Subwoofer information is everywhere, if you really need advice then pm me on that topic. But here is my first hand knowledge on how to make your Jeep blast the tunes no matter what road, speed, or lack of top-ness you encounter.

For now i’ll give you a generic scenario that will suit most of your needs. You have 4, 4 ohm speakers, each with an RMS of 50 watts. Most speakers out there will match this description, with the exception of the RMS wattage which can vary from watts depending on the speaker brand, quality, price.

Best amp for Klipsch speakers

Using it for subs can be a pain Required Equipment: Other than the tones above and your ears, nothing This used to be my method, that is until I got my scope. When I got the scope I went back and checked all my gains, and surprisingly they were perfect. For subs it’s a little bit of a hassle, but it can still be done.

 · Can you hook up a sub to a 2 channel stereo system? . the sub has its own crossover and sometimes full inputs. then it has the appropriate outputs to connect to the amp for your sattellites. these subs are the most convenient and useful for me. by the way, the currents subs i use for my system are stereo–there are 2 of them. and i

So what will we need to do this? But I doubt any of you guys will be using an amp that big. Walmart sells amplifier kits as do some other stores. The kits tell you how many watts they can handle. Add Tip Ask Question Step 2: Choosing an Amp and Speaker This can be a tricky step. You want to choose a speaker and amp that put out the most power, without blowing each other. What you want is the RMS of both the subwoofer speaker and the amplifier to be as close as possible.

The RMS is the amount of power a speaker can continuously have sent to it without going bad. The RMS is also the amount of power the amplifier can continuously put out without over heating. When looking at speakers and amplifiers, do not look at the peak power. A speaker or amp can only be run on the peak power for about a minute before it goes bad or overheats.

You want to be running your subwoofers on its RMS rating rather than the peak rating.

How to hook up a sub to a car without an amp?

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 · Yes the amp you have will power the speakers but only provide W shared between all of them. By adding extra speakers to the circuit, your 6×9’s may not be as loud as they were ://

Rated at 1, watts, you can comfortably get consistent watts of RMS power going directly to your subwoofer. With this Pioneer amp, you can adjust the subwoofer accordingly from at little as 40 Hz to as much as Hz. The newer amps including this one have a wired bass control module, allowing you to turn the bass level up or down without having to physically go to the amp itself and do it.

The speaker level inputs allow you to connect your OEM headunit without having to buy add-on adapters or anything that does not have RCA-inputs. Some additional specs include: Run 70 watts RMS from all 4 channels at 4 ohms, watts RMS from 2 channels at 4 ohms, or watts from 1 channel at 4 ohms. An excellent amplifier for running component speakers and a non-overpowering subwoofer. You get Kenwood quality and Kenwood low cost with this amplifier.

Whats the best way to hook up a 12″ kicker cvr to a 2 channel amp?

Subs, Amp, and box ideas for a WJ? What sounds best should I get two 10″ subs or one 12″ what brand? They go boom but not like ‘s would, with a band-pass box and all.

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You cannot have too much subwoofer. A bigger subwoofer from the same manufacturer will always play lower, has lower distortion, more headroom, and better long term reliability if played at the same listening level. Hence, if budget is not an issue, going for the larger sub will always be beneficial, if there is no WAF or physical limitations. We have suggested room sizes that each subwoofer is recommended for.

This of course is a very rough guide. Very much depends on individual tastes. We have customers who find four VTF H in a 1, cu. We also have customers who are happy with a STF-1 in a 5, cu. Hence we suggest going with the biggest subwoofer that your budget, spouse and space allows. We frequently get questions ‘is this subwoofer too powerful or too loud for my room?

The subwoofer need only play as loudly as you set it. You can even turn it down till it has not contribution.

Basic Mixer And Other Common Audio System Connections

How Do I Hook Up my subwoofer? Hook up Powered Subwoofers: Receiver Pre-Outs Before trying to hook up your subwoofer, you need to identify the connections it has.

 · Best Answer: not only is the wattage to the speakers not going to be enough but you are going to get voice going through the speakers which is not real good. If you connect a sub to a regular output it will drain the amp and actually sound like crap. The reason? Highs and mids are not able to be reproduced by a sub so direct connection Status: Resolved.

Originally Posted by big ol shea I notice a lot of power amps I’m looking at for PA usage lately stuff like the Crown XLS or a cheap Behringer have four outputs presumably for two speakers and a sub. We have six stereo speakers and two subs we’re trying to hook up. What’s the best way to do this? My speakers are all 8 ohms each and I assume it’s the same for my friend who is providing the other speakers? You’ll need to do some math before you hook it all up. Basically, you’ll need to find out what the output impedance of the power amp is and hook up all the speaker so that they match that.

A lot of these amps can run at a couple of different impedance ratings, so you’ll want to make sure you get it within those specs. Mess that up, and you’ll probably burn up the amp.

How to Tune a Car Amplifier

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