The Hater: Diane Sawyer is a spirit animal and other election ephemera


The official blog of notorious former African dictator Mobutu Sese Seko Thursday, September 22, ” Meet Trouble, the incorrigible rogue colt that refuses to be ridden but later goes on to discover deep within himself the Books That’s how the stories used to go, brilliant disconnected snippets resolving over a day into a sliced-up narrative or one cobbled together by the reader, through his or her playful imagination. I always wanted to call it “Horsey Books,” thinking it was a play on words. Spam usually isn’t punny. In order to avoid being detected as a spam bot, it occasionally posts a text snippet or two from one of its ebooks, chosen at random. Docevil is a good guy, and if you want to force Smash Mouth to eat a shitload of eggs , you couldn’t find a better man. Due diligence, on the other hand, is something he’s a little shaky on. It’s certainly possible that he found a way of tracking down and establishing a Russian spam connection, but it’s probably just as likely that this account is run out of a sewing room in Secaucus by the actual mom who discovered all those amazing ways to earn thousands of dollars a year, online, from your own home. This led to the strangest phenomenon of all:

List of Internet phenomena

I’m interested in complex systems: Research Director at pulsarplatform. Jun 20, How friendships change over time — and technology Introducing botaleptic I first met botaleptic on 10th March, We were introduced by our mutual Twitter friend, Hugo.

The Horse_eBooks-style puerile and dopey attacks directed at America’s anchor Brian Williams, second-term Pres. Barack Obama, and uh, Richard Belzer, proved to be cathartic for everyone. Good.

August 27, in blog No comments I made another twitter bot! Several times a day, it posts a tiny snippet of text drawn from a corpus of all games from the archive of ZZT games on zzt. I basically spent all my teen years making ZZT games and hanging out online with people—mostly teenagers—who made ZZT games. During its heyday, hundreds of new ZZT games were released every year, and a culture and language of conventions developed surrounding how ZZT games were made and distributed.

It was weird and charming and angst-ridden and amazing all at once. ZZT includes a simple programming language for scripting in-game objects. Programs you write in this language are stored in the game file itself as plaintext. This text is used for exposition, dialog, room descriptions, etc. The corpus for the bot comes from extracting all such non-program text from a relatively recent scrape of all the ZZT games from zzt.

To generate the text that the bot tweets, I randomly selected a line of text from the corpus, then appended each succeeding line in the corpus, up until I reached characters. No Markov chains involved, which is rare for me! My program for extracting program text from ZZT games is imperfect, and it sometimes leaves in non-program garbage text, so I combed through the initial tweet list and removed any that had special characters or weird formatting.

I also removed anything that seemed grossly sexist, homophobic, or otherwise violent. And I removed anything that seemed to reference real, individual people—some ZZT games were made about the ZZT scene itself, and those games sometimes got a little mean to my eye, at least.

List of Internet phenomena

Cooks Source infringement controversy — An advertising-supported publication’s dismissive response to copyright infringement complaint causes online backlash. Elf Yourself allows visitors to upload images of themselves or their friends, see them as dancing elves , [3] [4] and includes options to post the created video to other sites or save it as a personalized mini-film. Ads featured the tagline, “HeadOn.

Apr 30,  · I’ve tweeted at him more than I should admit, because, like tweeting at Horse_ebooks, I knew there was no chance, not even 1 percent, of getting a reply. Tonight at midnight, Paul will return to.

Here in the UK, Twitter trolls have been in the news rather a lot. Meanwhile, the Cambridge classicist Mary Beard has been subjected to a barrage of abuse, including bomb threats , for the crime of trying to promote the study of ancient history while being female. Newspapers including the Guardian are throwing their weight behind the anti-troll campaign. The thoughtless viciousness and sexism on display is, of course, entirely repulsive.

At the same time, the unanimity of the op-ed columnists in their crusade to restore decency to the internet is a little unsettling. These are the commentariat, after all: On an unregulated internet, they complain, they have to deal with the angry criticism they deserve. The overflowing viciousness of the anonymous abusers underlines this difference: When an ordered society depends on maintaining a hierarchy of images, the ability to wield this kind of ironic superposition has a concrete political power.

The concern troll is old, its roots go back for thousands of years before the bucolic infancy of the internet. Zeuxis created an image of alluringly arranged grapes so convincing that a flock of birds tried to eat from it. Parrhasius then invited Zeuxis to his own studio, and invited his rival to view his own effort. Trying to draw aside the curtain concealing it, Zeuxis found that there was no curtain, that it had been painted. The difference between the two is that while Zeuxis operated on the level of representation, Parrhasius operated on that of dissimulation.

@Horse_Ebooks Is the Most Successful Piece of Cyber Fiction, Ever

The final entry, however, is an abrupt departure in style. Presented as a follow-up to a non-existent previous entry, the last entry is a surreal first-person tale filled with tantalizing hints about a mysterious sect of women who appear at the homes of the terminally ill. The artifacts they bear are in fact the components of a seemingly supernatural virtual reality machine in which the patients immerse themselves completely in the days prior to their death.

The author eagerly anticipates death for the chance to experience the wonders of such a machine and considers dying without access to one to be a tragic fate akin to martyrdom. But the author laments that there is still work to be done and that a storm that has gone on for years is now raging outside. No other updates were ever made.

My favorite horse_ebooks tweet was “kiss the crazy”. Some social media “experts” and wannabe comedians hate horse_ebooks. I think it’s because they can’t come up with anything more interesting than what a spam-bot can, and it burns them up.

Hoo boy, where to even begin? Is Vriska a Broken Bird who is just trying to fit in desperately with people in the only way she knows how? A Magnificent Bastard who manipulates everything for fun? A confused little girl trying to live up to the example set by her infamous ancestor, even when she doesn’t necessarily find it all that fun? Someone who has atoned for her actions and should be forgiven or hasn’t and her ultimate death was justice? Canonically, she is presented as somewhere in between all of these things.

Not helped by the fact that Word of God confirms Vriska is deliberately designed to be as divisive, confusing, and difficult to interpret as possible. There’s also her mercy killing her lusus. Given how awful it turned out to be it basically forced her into being an indirect Serial Killer because it refused to hunt for itself.

The Art of the Troll

Days of the Blade at the Sony E3 press conference. The producer Bill Ritch claimed that Genji 2 Template: Purported to be a website about Honey Bees that was infected and damaged by a strange Artificial Intelligence , done in a disjointed, chaotic style resembling a crashing computer. At its height, over , people were checking the website every time it updated.

Jan 24,  · Lemma Soft Forums. Supporting creators of visual novels and story-based games since jerkcity_ebooks dating sim Tumblr: dickmissiles. Reading randomized dialogue from file [SOLVED] getting closer and closer to reaching some kind of terrible breakthrough to making a game where you try to romance a horse_ebooks-like AI. Top. philat.

Made of Common Clay by Lomonaaeren reviews Gen. Harry has reached a very bitter thirty. His efforts to reform the Ministry haven’t lessened the pure-blood bigotry. Then he finds out that he’s apparently a part of a pure-blood nobility he’s never heard of; he’s Lord Potter and Lord Black. Unfortunately, that revelation’s come too late for him to be a reformer. All Harry wants to do is tear down the system and salt the earth.

Gainax Ending

Ant-Man was promoted with tiny billboards carrying the film’s name that were placed in a number of cities in Australia and several other countries as well. Literature Victoria Hoyt set up a Save the Pearls YouTube account and put up videos in connection with her literary series of the same name. Live Action TV Lost did not invent viral marketing, but it did popularize the idea of making fake websites about fictional companies which were then tied into massive online games including several held between seasons.

A Gainax Ending frequently involves bizarre and nonsensical Genre Shifts, Fauxlosophic Narration, and/or Faux Symbolism, and may very well cause Ending an aborted Sequel Hook, you might encounter a Diabolus ex Nihilo (where a new villain appears from nowhere, does something villainous, and then disappears again) or No Ending in the form of an ambiguous Cliffhanger.

Cooks Source infringement controversy — An advertising-supported publication’s dismissive response to copyright infringement complaint causes online backlash. Elf Yourself allows visitors to upload images of themselves or their friends, see them as dancing elves , [9] [10] and includes options to post the created video to other sites or save it as a personalized mini-film.

Ads featured the tagline, “HeadOn. Apply directly to the forehead”, stated three times in succession, accompanied by a video of a model using the product without ever directly stating the product’s purpose. The ads were successively parodied on sites such as YouTube and rapper Lil Jon even made fun of it.

It eventually led to a popular viral marketing campaign which had Mustafa responding to various Internet comments in short YouTube videos on Old Spice ‘s YouTube channel. Starting in , the character in the commercial, “Mac Tonight” was utilized in videos where he is depicted promoting violence against minorities and promoting the KKK with racist parodies of rap songs.

The commercial drew criticism for its concept and the performances of its actors. Though originally designed to be used to ease storyboard development for filmmakers, the site quickly became popular after videos made with the tool, including “iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo”, became viral. Friendship Is Magic grew from its 4chan roots. The form is said to have launched the use of Flash for inexpensive animations that are now more common on the Internet.

Read Like A Victorian

You never really knew what the hell he was singing about. The worst submarine disaster in U. The Cuban Missile Crisis.

The romance has reportedly ended just one week after news broke that they were dating. PHOTOS Who got axed on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? All the highlights from the show’s 17th season.

All the news, gossip and information about GoComics. Speaking of Jim Davis, a while back I noticed that he has a lot of fun with the throwaway panels on his Sunday strips: I moved to Kansas City from a small town about three hours away. Aside from my aunt, uncle and two cousins, I came here knowing almost nobody. Garfield by Jim Davis gocomics. Here is her list of friends. Hours can be crazy — especially bartending hours.

Shifts usually go from 8 p. Dark Side of the Horse by Samson gocomics. Trying to function in the mornings has me feeling like: It usually goes a little something like this Moderately Confused comic: Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler gocomics. There is nothing more boring and mind-numbing than folding laundry. Sarah’s Scribbles by Sarah Andersen gocomics.


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